Sinking Ship

Dear All,


Lifetree World Limited (LTW) has recently released an article in which they have compared a genuine COINSPACE (SCOIN) Business Opportunity with ‘ONECOIN’ to the extent of concluding it to be a PONZI SCHEME.


Prior to putting forward our opinion regarding this article, we would like to take this opportunity to Thank every member who was a part of our LTW team as without you all it was impossible to achieve the success we/ LTW had.


In May 2015, LTW was an unsuccessful start-up company with flaws in various areas of the business. With months of hard work together we made LTW one of the fastest growing network marketing company in the UK with 99% LTW members belonging to my organisation.


After consistently standing by the company in all difficult circumstances, LTW was soon on a downhill slope. Many prominent leaders left the company along with their teams including the founder director of the company whose reason to leave is still a mystery. We then offered our support by agreeing to manage all the administration duties which included activities such as sending regular communication emails, organising events/ meetings and ended up paying for these from our own pockets.


Despite all the effort, LTW was unable to resolve the ongoing issues which included members not getting paid (if they do, very late after many requests), refunds not getting processed, late deliveries, missing deliveries, unfulfilled promises, false hopes, false announcements, not giving holidays to those who paid for them, not giving laptops to those who paid for them, not giving cars who won them, changing compensation plan every month, inventing new ways to rob members more etc.


After careful consideration of the events in the last 17 months, I believe the downfall of LTW was purely down to the lack of experience, professionalism, vision and inappropriate decisions taken by the management under various circumstances.


LTW owes us money that we earned from bonuses and reimbursement of expenses incurred for company affairs (e.g. paying for events, business travel & accommodation paid on the behalf of LTW for Ireland expansion). On 10th October 2016, we issued a final warning to LTW to pay the overdue balance otherwise suggested to seize business activities. We have sent several reminders requesting our payment, but in response the company has sent us a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on the assumption that we have resigned and did not have the courtesy to clarify their intention to pay the overdue balance.


In the interim, after some extensive research and due diligence we started our new venture with COINSPACE. It’s an organisation which has a massive vision to change the future of payments, very professional, transparent, legitimate and a very lucrative compensation plan. It’s an opportunity where every single person earns minimum 46% profit without doing any commitment to shop for unwanted products every month or join any member. It’s an EU compliant, VAT registered company with operating offices in multiple of locations worldwide. It’s free to join and if you do put in any money, it’s covered up to one year$. You will never see any bad comment about our company by any of its member because they all are happily making money.


We tried to work away from LTW without creating any friction. But recently LTW deliberately has targeted our team members by bad mouthing our company. They even tried to discredit our company by publishing and sharing an article on the web which compares us to One Coin and states that it’s a Ponzi scheme.


I cannot believe that the management of LTW have come to a stage of desperation where they are degrading their competitors just for the sake of holding on to the few members they have. I can assure you that this behaviour will not be tolerated and we will be taking legal action against this matter. Alternatively, LTW can issue an apology to us and remove any content they have added about COINSPACE in their article.


The only reason of this post is to make everyone officially aware, we have left LTW and the reason why we took this decision. We have no ties with LTW.


We are very sorry to all those who joined LTW because of us. If you have any complaint for LTW, please contact them directly. You are welcome to contact us (via this link) directly but we are afraid we won’t be able to assist in LTW matters.


After the expiration of the notice period today, our solicitors are filing the case against Lifetree World Limited, they have been furnished with all the proofs to recover our money. This process might (and most likely will) result in winding up petition for LTW and recovery of our money through dissolution of LTW.


Our case is against LTW and not it’s IBOs. Members, we are on your side and fighting your corner.


Your sincerely,

Rehan Gohar & Rizwan Gohar











1. Proof of bonusses are available and has been given to the solicitors to file the petition.

2. Invoices for all the expenses incurred has been sent to the company and are now with our solicitors.

3. All communications are documented and recorded.

4. Names of all leadership which has joined us will be released soon.

$. By cancelation policy for 14 days and for one year via Section 75 of Consumer Credit Act.